Trichotillomania also known as hair pulling disorder can be defined as an impulse control disorder which urges the people suffering from this disorder to pull out their hair from scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows. Trichotillomania may be present in infants but the peak age of onset is between 9-13 years. The symptoms of Trichotillomania are:

1) Constant tugging, pulling or twisting of hair
2) A tense feeling when trying to resist the urge of pulling hair
3) Presence of bare pitches from where hair has been pulled out
4) Denying the pulling of hair

The consequences or effects of this disorder are as follows
1) Infection in skin or hair root site
2) Increased feelings of depression and anxiety
3) Repetitive stress injury

One of the natural ways that has been suggested to treat trichotillomania is through the use of aloe vera. The plants natural soothing abilities can be applied to areas were hair was pulled out and it helps to reduce the urge to pull hair.

Work with Poppy:

We recognise that each individual’s situation is different, which is why we ensure that everyone has a unique consulting plan tailored to their needs. The work can involve:

  • Identifying what has been and is going on in your environment that may be contributing to the issues you’re facing.
  • Assessing how this behaviour serves you on a deeper level i.e. all behaviours ultimately have a benefit or we wouldn’t use them.
  • Understanding the costs and consequences of behaviour, the effect on relationships and potential opportunities lost.
  • Discussing the cycle of thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  • Identifying inner conflicts that sabotage progression and wellness.
  • Learning about emotional suppression and the psychology of emotion.
  • Developing open, authentic relating so that any disturbing behaviour is no longer needed as a strategy for coping.
  • Discovering and then mastering the methods for building and maintaining a healthy, happy, progressive and successful future.