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When you take part in group work:

1.   Treat other participants with respect.

      • This includes allowing them to say what they want to say without interruption.
      • Do not indicate, with or without words, that you feel they are saying something stupid.
      • Engage positively and constructively with areas of disagreement.

2.   The point of being in a group is to explore other people’s perspectives and how they approach and address problems that may (or may not) relate to yours.

      • Allow other group members to have fair time in group sessions. Only take up more time for yourself if the group all agree that they want you to do this.

3.   Each individual is different, and you should not attempt to push a particular solution or course of action on your fellow group members since what is right for you may not be right for them.

4.  While it is OK to listen and learn, you will get the most from your group if you participate, ask questions, and respond to each topic as it arises.

      • It is not compulsory to have something to say about everything, but the point of the group is to share and explore, not simply to observe and stay silent.
      • You should be aware that consistently staying silent can make other group members feel you are not participating. If this is all you ever do, it can also make them feel uncomfortable.

5.   We do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind.

      • Do not use personal insults or terms of racist, sexist or religious abuse
      • If you are asked to avoid certain words or triggers or behaviours, and you persist in using them, you will be removed from the group with no right to have substitute support arranged for you.

6.  If you feel you are the subject of inappropriate behaviour within the group, you should immediately let the Group leader know privately about your concerns.

      • If your Group functions online, you will be able to report such behaviour to the moderator on a real time basis.

7.   Confidentiality: Anything that is said or shared in the group is absolutely confidential and must strictly be kept within the group. You must not share or repeat anything you hear or see in the group with anyone outside the group.

      • Do not share anything into the group that will put you in breach of your confidentiality obligations to third parties.
      • Never name third parties in your discussions in the group, nor provide elements of information that can be combined to identify living individuals. If you do, you may breach that person’s data protection rights.

8.   No spamming: You must not try contact any group member outside the format of the group sessions, either on or off line, unless they have clearly and expressly asked you to do so by giving you their contact details and inviting you to contact them.

      • Do not add any group member to your own contact database or your mailing list unless you have that person’s explicit and informed consent.

9.   If you are unable to join group sessions, you should let us know as early as possible.

      • Unless it is clearly part of your particular plan, you will not get any allowance or compensation for sessions you do not attend.

10.   We hope that you find your participation in the group a rewarding experience. Please make sure to give feedback to the organiser about your experience in the group and the outcomes you have achieved.

11.   You must comply with any health and safety requirements for the programme including those for Covid or other infectious diseases.

12.   If you arrive without the appropriate tests or equipment or do not use any equipment required as part of our risk assessment, you may be removed from the programme without the right to attend any substitute event or compensation.