Poppy Sprague Psycologist

"An exciting, revolutionary mind in the field of contemporary psychology.”


“The Transformational Psychologist to finally help you break through and thrive!”

– Ray Doles

Hello, I’m Poppy Sprague, a Psychotherapist, Psychologist, and Coach with extensive expertise in guiding clients to alleviate fears, doubts, and conflicts.

With over 25 years of experience, I support people in achieving breakthroughs, not just managing complaints, symptoms, or stressors. I meet you where you are in your current reality, identifying the root causes of repetitive experiences that get in the way of you experiencing peace and fulfillment. We navigate triggers and the necessary changes that allow you to release unwanted experiences. My straight, unapologetic, direct approach allows us to cut through any fear of facing realities together.

My transformative programs are tailored for individuals who are eager to learn the essentials for an enjoyable life of meaning and connection with others. Working with me empowers you to:

  • Navigate life, relationships, and experiences with confidence, integrity, and honesty.
  • Address issues as they arise without succumbing to stress or fear of consequences.
  • Take assertive action toward your goals without hesitation.
  • Learn effective psychology techniques for handling manipulation, gaslighting, and others’ insecurities.
  • Discover your passions and carve a path toward them with determination.

Let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit to embark on your transformation together!

Poppy Sprague

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Academy For Self-Mastery

The online coaching psychology school for powerful growth in life, work and relationships.

In six months of working with Poppy I have gone from being deeply embedded in my own sorrow and scared to go out side my own front door to:-
Finding true love for myself and my significance here in these incredible and challenging times we are living in.
My brave courageous heart and soul was discovered hidden in the stories I was telling myself that I really believed to be true were in-fact it
was f e a r.
False evidence appearing real.
I regained my inner strength from the deepest core of my being .
I learnt how to love and live again and how to trust my own wisdom.
And how to be fully operating in my life again
Bringing all my gifts with me to share as a Soul Coach in my work.
I learned how to laugh again.
And most importantly I feel I learned how to be kind to my mind.
And I am not too old in fact I am radiating life purpose and mission and vision leading the way with my heart and soul balanced and shining.
From a soon to be seventy year wise old and deeply grateful to Poppy Star-seed light worker.
And my journey continues.

Patricia Shakura Rogers, 2024

Academy for Self-Mastery Newsletter

Incredible experience. Working with Poppy has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The changes in me are visible in everything I do. I’m the happiest, healthiest and most inspired I’ve ever been and I’ve invested a lot in personal development before now. If I’d have known she was out there, I’d have spent all of it with her. Poppy, thank you. My time with you has been unforgettable.

Laura Jenson, 2021

Poppy has been helping me over the last year. In 2021, I felt in my whole body that I wanted to be more confident in myself. With covid making my life a lot different I needed to find tools for myself. In the last year, I have become as well as gained a deeper understanding of my behavior pattern. With the new knowledge about myself, I have been given the tools to tackle challenges in life. Looking back it was a really good investment in myself, and I highly recommend Poppy if you dare to take the challenge.

Ingrid Thomassen, 2022

I went to Poppy for individual therapy for 6 months, the work we did changed my world. I’d worked with a lot of people before and none of it really had any long-term effect. This was very different and totally unexpected. My relationships, work and homelife shifted from session 1 in talking to her. We had a follow-up session and all of the changes are still working for me today. I’m so grateful I cant do justice to it in words. Thank you Poppy.

Ed, 2020