In sessions, we indentify the core issues and how these are playing out in relationships. The sessions not only address the current issues but more importantly, where the problems began.

Sessions focus on the ‘messages’ the family give each other through actions or words. Communication is driven by each person’s individual life story. Often times, the original intention of the communication gets lost. This leads to assumptions and defensiveness. Families run into trouble when life events break down their individual methods for coping. When situations seem impossible, families speak opposing languages and are guided by Poppy to interpret what the others are saying and meaning.

Please see Symptom Areas for areas of expertise.


“Poppy helped us see how our joint behaviours were the consequence of mixed up messages. We had no idea of the harm it was doing to us as a family. We’ve all changed for the better and owe her a great degree of gratitude”.

Mark, Banker 2014

“No words, just thank god you were there Poppy”.

Carla, Stay-at-home mum